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Well, Happy isn't a word associated with my journal too often... but, well... YAY!

So, yeah, last night me and my mate's girl kind of bonded like i said in the last entry... thankfully i didn't see her tonight...

well, so, she was my shoulder to cry on for just one night, and well, we were together as it were for just one night, let's leave it at that, i know i will...

anyway... so, my msn shoulder to cry on is Luce, she is lovely, i give all my problems to her and she tries to help me out. she's always trying to help me, she got me together with slappysam, even if it was just for one night, and well, she's helped me a lot mentally... but, well... we met up tonight in gonzos... t'was fun... really fun, and well, i think, and i said think as in think with inverted commas, yes "think" we might be dating.. sort of... you would not believe how happy i am... although, well, i'm prepared for a fall... as usual... i hope she doesn't destroy me...

well... goodnightvincntvangogh... or something... ennit x

oh, by the way... from the looks of things i'm going to all tomorrows parties... i'm happy... mogwai+shellac+tortoise=FUNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN! with lots of capital N's
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