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So, The End Is Near....

Yes, ladies and gents, this is possibly THE final post in the journal of nicof. No, don't be sad... Not that any of you are anyway...

So, yes.

How come i'm the one being chastised when really, it is her that has done the wrongness by cheating on her boyfriend? I hate myself for having done what i've done, the repeated use of the term, "i'm a cunt" would possibly have forced that into some of the skulls of you ninnies... obviously not all though...

So, anyway... just saying bye from me, nicholas d'Arcy and hello to boy_wonda named after a jarcrew song... it's going to be mainly friends only so you anonymous lot wont get to read it and post diatribe at me... if you want to be a friend, then just add me, i'll almost certainly add you back, if you don't have an account, then,. well, you can get one for free from

I may pop back to explain why i'm not part of the user for self affection movement of men and why also i don't need people to feel good. But, until then, hold your breath. I may rid the world of some of you anonymous posting, women are never wrong types... yes...

If i had more time, i'd do it now... but, well... i don't, i have to be awake in the morning for once.

goodnight enemies/friends
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