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So, yeah... some people don't write poetry for a reason... Mine is that i'm crap...

anyway... so, yeah, there i was, doing some design work for web-fun that may or may not get finished soon... and well... decided i was feeling a little creative...

so, yeah... the reason i don't write poetry is that i'm crap... but yes.. i wrote some...

would you like to see?

I must warn you it's terrible, and well, that's the reason i don't write it... but i did anyway, and for some reason, it's made me laugh and feel pretty damn happy... i have no idea why?! but yeah... fun...

I'm putting it in a cut, so you don't have to look at the badness...

it's called

"misogynous arson warms my cockles"

"One day
I shall write poetry
It will be good
Telling tales
Of how I use girls
Instead of wood
To make a fire
Thawing out
My heart
It melts
They scream
In agony
Like I did
Broken and hurt
Them just heartless
Now helpless
Me happy
And laughing
(Probably in therapy)"
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